Mindful Anatomy: How to Customize Universal Alignment to Every Body

Saturdays- October 7-21, 2023 

9:30-11:30am Pacific USA/Canada (that's 12:30-2:30pm in New York and 5:30-7:30pm in London)

Everything is recorded if you can't make the time. 

10 hours of Yoga Alliance CE

Mindful Anatomy: How to Customize Universal Alignment to Every Body

Prerecorded Lessons + Live Zoom Calls = 10 hours of CE

Everybody is unique. This can present a challenge to yoga teachers and practitioners, not only in terms of adapting to ability, but also figuring out how to deal with muscle tightness, weakness, over flexibility, and other common asymmetries. In this course, yoga therapist Shy Sayar addresses key approaches that can help us and each student in our class access safe, healthy, integrated alignment.
Study with Shy, founder and director of the anatomy-based alignment system of the Tantravaya Yoga Research School, and learn the four pairs of oppositional actions that are both necessary and sufficient for every body in every active pose or movement, both in yoga and in any physical activity.
Come to understand the dictates of human anatomy behind these actions that make them universal to every body, while the organization into pairs facilitates customizing each gesture to every different body and need. Learn how to apply the principal actions in your own body and in teaching, and to customize cues & internal actions in each pose for every body. Understand how different bodies & postures require varying degrees of emphasis on one or the other action within each pair.

You will come away from this course with:

  • A consistent and easy-to-remember set of principles that you can use to analyze and teach each yoga pose to students at any level
  • Four pair of oppositional actions – two for the upper body and two for the lower body that you can apply in each pose to find perfect alignment
  • The benefits of each set of principles as they balance the engagements of all the necessary muscles, optimize bone stacking to minimize unnecessary effort and increase stability and strength throughout the body
  • How each pair of principles relate to the Bandhas: Pada Bandha, Mulabandha, and Jalandhara Bandha
  • How common postural misalignments arise when a set of principles is not engaged or overdone
  • How to bring every body safely and effectively to every yoga posture, while at the same time honoring individual differences
  • How to build a strong foundation, which will automatically translate into optimum alignment in other postures.
  • Videos and recordings are available for one year after the course start date.

About Shy Sayar


Shy Sayar (ERYT-500, YACEP) is a senior yoga teacher & continuing education provider at the highest level offered by Yoga Alliance. Well into his third decade with yoga, Shy has tens of thousands of hours of experience bringing yoga to students of all levels, treating patients, and training yoga teachers and therapists around the globe. Shy believes in Teaching People – Not Poses, since the practices of yoga are infinitely adaptable to fit the practitioner’s stages of development, and there is no need to push the body into arbitrary shapes. Instead, his Tantravaya yoga method integrates the classical Eight Limbs of Yoga, equally cultivating the body, breath and mind to bring each practitioner to optimal, holistic health.

While the ultimate aim of yoga is to reveal the interconnectedness of all beings as the expression of one eternal life, Shy’s teaching refrains from overstating esoterics and focuses instead on bringing about this awakened consciousness by emphasizing the ease of the breath, the integrity of the musculature at work, and the serenity of the mind.

Shy has offered coursework on education and pedagogy, as well as yoga philosophy and classical Indian literature at the University of California, Berkeley. In his yoga teaching, Shy integrates his experience in higher education with skillful attention to different learning styles, making even the most complex teachings approachable to every student. His unique Tantravaya Yoga Therapy method has shown remarkable results in posture correction, pain relief and improved balance, as well as healing emotional trauma and addressing the roots of psychological symptoms, such as anxiety and depression.

Emily McMichael, ERYT-500

Studying with Shy Sayar set me up with the skills, knowledge and confidence to stand in front of a classroom and teach students in a way that is not only effective but also safe and meaningful.

Rosie Yadid, professional actor & singer, RYT-200

Shy manages to convey massive amounts of information in the simplest and most elegant ways, so that you understand both intellectually and in your own body, in comprehensive detail with regards to anatomy and alignment.

Veronika Cikova, RYT-200

My students say that they have never experienced anyone being able to explain yoga asanas to them the way I can because of what Shy taught me.

Nicola Leahey, professional dancer & choreographer, RYT-200

I would recommend Shy's teaching to anyone who wants to improve the quality of their teaching - and the quality of their life.

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