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Yoga S.A.F.E (Sustainable Adaptations of Yoga For Everyone) Online Course

Learn a safe and conscious approach to teaching aging bodies,
​injured students and pure beginners.

Join this flagship program & 

  • Help your students avoid common yoga injuries & build safe, healthy alignment in their poses
  • Train your eye to assess common misalignments 
  • Empower your language to be clear, concise and radically effective
  • Learn modifications that help your students avoid pain and unhealthy discomfort
  • Learn yoga relevant anatomy and a fascial fitness approach that make a real impact in your students' practice
  • Become more purposeful in how you teach yoga, keep your material fresh and original
  • Implement strategies for crafting accessible, safe sequences
  • Learn to help your students access poses with self-assurance and skill
  • Refine your language of alignment
  • Modify for common musculoskeletal issues in yoga safely and effectively
  • Learn clear alignment cues to keep your student safe and out of danger
  • Review the contraindications for the major poses
  • Embrace the motto “do no harm, embrace (promote) well-being”
  • Increase your technical knowledge

Make a real impact on your students' practices & teach sustainable, safe alignment for a lifetime of wellbeing.

What People Are Saying:

After the first hour of video lecture, I need to say that all my concerns about not being an anatomy buff were put to rest. This might seem elementary to most but to someone who really has had NO basic lessons in anatomy, Yoga SAFE really helped me understand more about how to teach, what to pay attention to and new cues to bring into class. I've learned so much about anatomy, what is anatomically correct, building stability, the list could go on for pages. Let me say that every video lecture, with student demos and Liz and Sam explaining the demos was eye opening. My notebook is full of lecture notes, tips, and pictures. Overall, I believe the biggest take away from this complete course was the lectures, videos and reiterating the importance of the FASCIA and the superficial back body line and superficial front body line. The detailed explanation into the Fascia was an incredible learning experience. The tips given are so valuable especially as a teacher. I look at my clients in an entirely different way. I've already heard myself bring in at least 6-10 new cues and "bring attention to" during classes I'm teaching. My clients are intrigued, and I'm not shy about stating that I'm furthering my education as a teacher so I can deepen their experiences. I took away so much personal information about what is/was happening in my lower back that even if I wasn't teaching yoga, this is knowledge I don't believe I've ever come across or at least it never made that deep of an impression on me. This truly has been an amazing course for me!

Joy Aldrich

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and was pleasantly surprised at the depth at which it explored the human body and structural alignment. First, I think Liz and Sam are a fabulous team! Your essences play off of each other in such a way that creates a wholeness to what you are teaching. Second, I really enjoyed learning through watching it be taught to others. I feel much more attuned to the small micro-movements that are available in order to find more space. I found a new sense of curiosity and a desire to deepen my personal practice. Learning about the fascia is fascinating and created a more holistic approach to anatomy than what I was aware of. An aspect that is a subtle strand of the course yet brought a sense of relief was the value of modesty over perfection. To use props, straps, blocks in order to experience yourself in a deeper, gentler way. To move back out of the pose to let your awareness focus more on the exploration of what is happening rather than the final destination. I have shared this with others and the look on their face when they experience the difference is lovely! This course opened many doors for me. This changed the way I experience my body and the way I address pain in others’ bodies. I have the resources to look for hints as to where there is a need for strengthening and/or lengthening. This is exactly what I was looking for in a yoga anatomy course and I would absolutely recommend it to others! I feel grateful to have the resources of You and Sam’s heart offerings to go back to over and over again as I need to in order for the wisdom to seep into my bones. I am grateful to the time you have spent studying and exploring that has enabled you to share in the way that you do! Thank you!

Stephanie Katsampis

I really enjoyed the expertise of Liz and Sam, I just love how you both interact and your individual knowledge and style of teaching. I teach a very diverse group of yogis ranging from age 50-95, and in this course I have learned to look at each one of these students with an eye of awareness to assist them to come into their anatomical neutral for their body type. I learned to become curious and where my eye was drawn to identify what may be keeping a student out of their anatomical neutral and to bring awareness to the student where they might come into balance between the front and back body. I have been practicing for 20 years and teaching for 10 years and I learned and understood more about the anatomy of our bodies in this Yoga SAFE course than any other course and certification I have taken over the last 20 years. I will reveal that in many of the videos I was so envious of the students who were being adjusted by either Liz or Sam. You are on my bucket list to take a training from you in person, and I would definitely recommend this experience to others.

Janet Rosoff

I really enjoyed everything! I loved that this course reinforced so much of what I learned in my 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica. By the end of this course I feel more confident in my ability to notice possible misalignments and in my knowledge of alignment cues that could make a pose more comfortable for a student and/or myself. I also loved seeing the poses in different bodies in the videos and photos – there was such a range of people and adaptations of poses that it really helped train my eye to look from the ground up (after eyes of love ) and think about what may feel good in different bodies. I found myself being much more present and observant in my own body – starting from the ground up. I began by recognizing areas of my body and/or asanas that were creating some discomfort and then thinking about common misalignments in those particular asanas and thinking about the areas of the body that connect to the areas of discomfort. I really enjoyed having a good mix of videos that reinforced lessons that I learned during the YTT and also videos with a lot of new information. For example, the anatomy lessons were very helpful in making the information that I learned in Costa Rica stick in my brain; while the fascia lessons were a nice in-depth study of some newer information. I also really loved the pose study videos and the live calls/photos because they really helped to train my eye to look at poses in different bodies. I would certainly recommend the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with the Yoga SAFE Homestudy through Soma Yoga Institute to others!

Jen Goss