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Yoga Nidra for Healing and Transformation, a Teacher Training

Yoga Nidra for Healing and Transformation

Teacher Training

Learn to write and guide Yoga Nidra. Deepen and commit to your own practice.

Dates: October 16-November 16, 2023.

Live Zoom Meetings: Mondays 4:00pm-5:30pm Pacific -OR- Thursdays 9:30am-11:00am Pacific

Deepen Your Practice

The course will review the ancient roots of the practice, Yoga Nidra theory, and adaptations for modern day practitioners. Establish consistency in your own practice. Each practice session will include gentle somatic movements and breathing exercises designed to release chronically held tension and  a guided yoga nidra. On our live calls there will also be time for lecture, Q and A and group discussion.

Teaching Certification - 20 Hours of Yoga Alliance CE

Learn to write and guide Yoga Nidra practices for yourself and others. Explore innovative approaches on how to enhance the health of the physical, energetic and emotional body. Understand how to use Sankalpa (Intention) effectively and learn a detailed 10 step process to help bring about great transformations in yourself and students.  

Current Research

Current scientific research is finding that Yoga Nidra is an effective mind-body practice that helps people over-come insomnia, reduce anxiety, heal from PTSD and traumatic events, develop commitment to their life goals, and recharge their energy levels. It has also been shown to reduce mood disorders. Recent studies suggest that when compared to meditation, Yoga Nidra is potentially more effective at reducing both cognitive and physiological symptoms of anxiety.

What's Covered

  • The latest research on Benefits of Yoga Nidra
  • Ten step framework for writing and guiding Yoga Nidra
  • Inquiry into the energy body including prana vayus, nadis and chakras
  • Yoga and the emotions 
  • Skill development for voice tone, rhythm for quality delivery
  • A therapeutic adaptations and personalization of Yoga Nidra scripts
  • Online practices library including, gentle movements, pranayama, meditations and mudra to use as a resource both your own practice and Yoga Nidra class development
  • Yoga Nidra Scripts
  • Practice teach opportunities
  • Business Skills to Offer Yoga Nidra to your Community

Early Bird $397 by Oct. 1, 2023 | $497 USD after Oct 1.


Instructor: Liz Heffernan, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT Yoga Therapist

Founder and Director of Soma Yoga Institute, MA, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT Yoga Therapist

Liz Heffernan, MA, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT is a gifted international yoga teacher, a certified Yoga Therapist and long-term practitioner. She combines her in-depth knowledge of anatomy and bio-mechanically safe alignment principles with insights and practical wisdom gained from over 24 years of yoga teaching & immersive study.

She is the Founder and Director of Soma Yoga Institute, a world-wide and ONLINE yoga teacher training school that embraces a therapeutically-oriented, heart-centered approach. These programs, heralded by many as truly inspirational, combine modern day biomechanics and research driven science with ancient teachings and serve to teach adaptive Yoga for all BODIES as a practice for vibrant health, self-transformation and personal empowerment.

In her work as a yoga therapist, Liz specializes in helping seniors age gracefully and is highly skilled in adapting practices to meet the complex health challenges associated with aging. In collaborative partnership with Yoga 4 Brain Health she has co-founded the Memory Maintenance Yoga Teacher Training program that certifies Yoga teachers to help their communities delay the onset of memory loss related diseases through Yoga. Liz also serves as a faculty-mentor for the Kripalu School of Integrative Yoga Therapy supporting professionals on their journey to become yoga therapists.

Liz believes that the path of Yoga brings greater ease, not just to the individual, but to all beings everywhere, and ultimately uplifts planetary consciousness one conscious breath at a time.



"Liz is not only a fantastic teacher but a wonderful human being! Every time I take a class with her, I am touched by her generosity of spirit and her undeniable passion for all things yoga. It's very inspiring!
Practicing Yoga Nidra more regularly as part of the Yoga Nidra Teacher Training course has really helped me feel more grounded and present overall. I find myself being less emotionally reactive, less prone to attachment and more conscious and aware in general. It has also helped me to become a more compassionate and conscious communicator in my relationships. I feel like I can create more space for patience and understanding. It's also been a huge confidence booster to think that I now have the skills and knowledge to provide such a profoundly healing practice for others!" - Camila Castro 

This Yoga Nidra training course allowed me to go deeper into my already existing Nidra practice. On a personal level, I find myself having more clarity and feeling more balanced. I also really enjoyed the amount of details and hands-on practice as well as the clarity of the instructions and class participation. Thanks to the lectures' breakdown and class discussions I was able to understand better some of the more subtle aspects of Yoga Nidra within the larger body of yogic knowledge and traditions. - Ron Fog

I truly enjoyed going in depth about the Yoga Nidra stages. Through the practices I learned to open up to a level of vulnerability that I often fight against. Surrendering into it in practice created a freeing energy/sensation difficult to describe in words. I also really enjoyed the lecture on brain waves, sleep cycles and the impact of Yoga Nidra. - Carol Conway

I absolutely loved this Yoga Nidra course and all the wisdom and personal / professional experience that Liz was sharing! I really appreciated the wealth of information about Yoga Nidra, Liz' wonderful meditations and somatic exercises, and step-by-step instructions how to create a meditation ourselves. I am impressed by Liz' wisdom and her professionalism, and love her presence and kindness. It is new to me that Yoga Nidra can be used in so many different settings, for various topics, and even customized for individual clients. I  loved the integration of the chakras into Yoga Nidra. I really loved to have the chance of practice with Liz' various examples of Yoga Nidra meditations - this was a wonderful mixture of Learning & Practicing. I am excited that a Yoga Nidra meditation can be curtailed to time restrictions, as well as extended and intensified when needed. I have been practicing much Yoga Nidra before the course, but I am now even more motivated to continue a regular practice. - Sabine Lindemann