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Online Yoga Assists and Conscious Hands-On Adjustments

Make a powerful impact in your classes and offer teachings to guide your students into greater stability and ease in their asana for a lifetime of healthy yoga.

What you'll get:

  • 98 videos and over 10 hours of recorded content
  • Exploration of 45 different asana and over 80 hands-on adjustments
  • Over 10 hours of recorded content
  • Lifetime Access
  • Exceptional verbal cues to accompany each physical adjustments
  • A safety conscious, anatomical and bio-mechanically informed perspective
  • Cautions and benefits associated with certain adjustments
  • Application to a variety of body types
  • Handouts for reminders and taking notes
  • Access to our members only Facebook group page for Q&A and informed discussions
  • 15 Yoga Alliance Continuing Education credits upon completion of the course 

We are so certain you will love this training, we are offering you a two-week risk-free guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the material after within the first two weeks of the course, we will refund 100% of your money - just email us within 14 days after the date of your purchase and complete an exit interview so we can learn how to improve our educational programs for the future.

What People Are Saying:

I would like to start by just saying, “WOW!”. There is so much content here that I look forward to going back again and again to learn and refresh. Liz and Peggy have such wisdom with yoga and anatomy. It was so great to have two very experienced and well-rounded instructors give instruction in a way that was not over my head nor was it too simple. It firmed up some of the things I had already been doing with my students and it brought a multitude of ideas of things to incorporate in future classes and workshops. In my personal practice, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of how certain things felt in my own body. This helps me explain a little more to students what they may experience as we move through the postures. The verbal and physical cues are clear and concise which helped me with my language while teaching and made the anatomy something much easier to comprehend. The live calls were great, but most of all I really enjoyed all the video content. Learning in person is incredible, but there is something so reassuring and worthwhile about being able to revisit the nuggets of knowledge over, and over again. I would recommend this program to others in a heartbeat. I have already told a bunch of people what I was doing and they were all really intrigued! Thank you again Liz and Peggy! This course has been 1000% worth the time and investment.

Crystal Faron

I loved how I could go at my own pace for the modules in the online Yoga Assists and Conscious Hands-On Adjustments course. I was able to re-watch several of them and practice using the videos along with peers and other students for practicing my hands-on assists. The fact that I can always have access to these videos for future reference made it very appealing to me. The extra anatomy segments were also especially useful. I appreciated the very basic foundation and alignment adjustments in Section 1 then moving up and building each section to more advanced. I was able to dig even deeper into common misalignment issues that not only am I doing but also my peers. I have become so much more aware of tiny micro-movements that can change someone’s alignment significantly. I really appreciated all the different body types used and I am able to integrate a lot of the verbal cuing used in the videos. So many yoga studios now really want to hire teachers that are more biomechanically sound and these videos gave me that boost of confidence for when I’m approaching studios to work with them. 100% recommending this to others (I’ve been recommending the 200 YTT as well).

Christina Hennelly

I enjoyed the anatomy videos, explanations of how to use internal and external rotations to go deeper and feel more stable in the poses, and the demonstrations of how to safely and confidently assist students to get back to their anatomical blueprint. I could immediately feel the difference in my own body, so I knew how to instruct it to my students. I feel much more confident teaching my students because I understand the alignments principles associated with each pose and how to watch for any dangerous alignments that could potentially cause injury to my students. I really enjoyed the videos that broke down the poses into components and then built the pose and the assist or adjustment from the ground up. I would definitely recommend this course to a friend because having completed it, I feel so much more confident as a teacher because I know what the goal of the assist or adjustment is, to help the student return to anatomical neutral. This course exceeded my expectations. The content was thoroughly supported by scientific research, and I now feel that I can confidently offer assists and adjustments to my students.

Abbey Rathweg -Weitz.

I have been teaching for 8 years and do very little hands on adjustments. After watching and learning from your videos I will feel more confident to do the some of the adjustments. I like how you offer more than one way to do the same adjustment in a particular pose, how you say how to touch them (my hand position) and where (body part), options if you are not comfortable touching them directly (use a prop or blanket in between) and or taking a different stance over or next to them. I learned steady, consistent awareness from foundation to crown finding a balance between effort and a release will lead to that great connection between mind body and spirit we are all looking to find and or maintain. And if I can help assists others in this journey, I am doing good. Receiving all this technical knowledge with help me feel more confident to help the student feel their bodies and connect with their inner qualities which in turn will motivate, inspire and educate them to go deeper into their body, mind, heart and practice. Hands on adjustments also give me the opportunity to connect more with my students. I like the cues expressed in the videos, gives a positive direction. Actually, a lot of gyms, like where I trach do not allow touching, so the cues this course provides is a great way to work around that gym rule. Also, I am having great success applying my knowledge -- I have a friend who often mentions her aching lumbar spine, I assisted her alignment using the gears, she said “lost the ache" in her lower back. Yea!!!!

Coreen Squire

I really enjoyed taking the Online Assists and Hands-on Adjustments Yoga Teacher Training Program and gaining a deeper understanding of how yoga affects the physical body. One of my favorite components of the course was the study of alignment and how that structures and serves as a foundation for the adjustment portion of the course. I never had a yoga teacher that understood and emphasized alignment before and so I’m happy that I feel like I have the tools now to help students create a safe and effective practice. I’m also excited to have some verbal cues and hands-on adjustment tools to help students get the most out of the physical practice of yoga. From this course, I have learned that everyone’s body is different. Just because a pose is supposed to be a certain way doesn’t mean it’s healthy for all bodies to do the pose that exact same way. It’s important to modify and adjust the pose to what fits your body best. It’s also important to model this for and emphasize this to our students. I think this was a wonderful program and I would definitely recommend this to other yoga teachers and practitioners!

Chelsea Castillo

I am starting to feel comfortable/confident in my cues both verbal and hands on. Seeing you actually perform them in videos is so much more helpful than reading “how to.” My favorite components were the video demos and seeing the photos others shared and the discussion around them. This was very helpful. It was great to again hear your verbal cues. They are helpful reminders for me in my practice. It was great to see different body types. I also appreciated the inclusion of how to touch shoulders etc. while in savasana. I love when teacher’s do this for me. I took what I learned in this course to my beginners’ class. We looked at what the shoulder blades do in each pose. I heard many ‘OH’s!’ I feel there were some ‘AH HA’ moments, especially with downward facing dog, plank to chaturanga, and, surprising to me, warrior I. I also noticed more forward and backward movement of shoulders vs up and down. I will continue to cue shoulder blade position for my students! My students thank you! I will recommend course when the topic of cues and adjustments comes up.

Stacey Nester

I feel like this program helped me see my students better. Now that I have more information about what certain misalignments look like and how to correct them, I am able to see ways that a student could be safer or more engaged in a pose. I really enjoyed the concept of interlocking gears in the body. When I am teaching, I often notice a kind of disconnection in my students’ bodies, in which different parts of their bodies are not working in harmony. I like the interlocking gears concept because it looks at the whole body and brings the entire body into balance. Also, in my own yoga practice, I have used this information to deepen my understanding of the poses and what my optimal blueprint feels like. I really liked that all of the adjustments discussed were shown through videos, as I find it much easier to learn through visual demonstrations. I also enjoyed that the reasons for each adjustment demonstrated was to help a student be safer and get more out of each pose, rather than to make the student’s pose “look better.” Finally, I really enjoyed learning about specific adjustments for different body types, as I see both hyper and hypomobile people when I am teaching and want to make sure I am helping them find their best expression of the pose. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this training! I find assisting to be one of the most difficult parts of yoga teaching, and I really appreciate the opportunity to learn more about it!

Kathrine Bates

I really appreciate the approach that this course took to adjusting bodies. The techniques reaffirmed for me many things I currently do in my classes, giving me a sense of relief that I was doing it right. Additionally, this course introduced me to many new ideas or concepts to add to poses I currently teach in my regular classes, which was very refreshing as well as helpful. I felt like I had many “a-ha” moments, most of which were surrounding the topic of getting into the intricate details of poses. I very much appreciated the emphasis on leg rotations in Week 2. For me, this was the portion of the program with by far the most interesting “a-ha” moments. Getting comfortable with directional rotations in the legs, developing an eye for identifying what rotation is needed, as well as in a tight body vs a bendy body, and also learning how to cue with an emphasis on rotations was such a game changer in my teaching repertoire. Prior to this course I was used to giving cues, but now I know the why behind the cues and how to explain that to my students so they can understand it within their own bodies. That was certainly the most powerful skill I have cultivated through this course. Being able to support my students and allow them to have light bulbs moments when they find a deeper expression of a pose is so amazing and I can’t wait to continue to incorporate more into my classes. I would absolutely recommend this course to others. Being a first-time mom with a crazy schedule, I completely appreciated the flexibility with this course and in the end I will have completed my CE credits for my certification so I am very happy overall!

Samantha Schlaich

Anytime I take a course with Soma Yoga, I am reminded to slow down and be a little gentler with myself and students. SmartFlow is wonderful but it is definitely physical and mental fitness and sometimes, it's nice to practice with ease, take my stance a little narrower, go 80% rather than 110% and be simpler. I also have a little more confidence in the classroom lately. Before, every misalignment would give me a little bit of anxiety and they all felt like fires in the room and now I have a less urgent, "I'll be right there" type attitude toward them. I had a great experience working with one of my students who was lacking awareness BUT she came to class again and she was the only familiar student I had and it seemed like a lot of what we had worked on had set in. I was quite proud and a little relieved. She even boasted to a student after that she'd felt the work in her shoulders and her body was feeling so much more "free." Whew! I get so worked up sometimes that my teachings aren't setting in but it's just a good reminder that the student is having a different experience that I am as an instructor. Overall, I enjoy the live chats the most. I find that I'm completely engaged, and I learn something new from other students but I think for myself, it's reaffirming. I really enjoy feeling quizzed so it's a great way to test my skills on the spot! Nothing but gratitude for you and Peggy, the students who were in the video and offered us their postures for education, and to anyone else who may have helped. Online education isn't always ideal, but it is a wonderful tool and I'm thankful for it.

Caitlyn Shaw

There are so many things I enjoyed! I think most fundamentally, though, I appreciated how clearly the training is guided by ethical considerations; your language about seeing everybody as a whole, unique, beautiful being before diving in to “correct” something, and your awareness of the power dynamic that can arise between teacher and student and cause harm to both parties, really created a feeling of safety and trust from which I could approach the whole training. It was from this place that I viewed each video, and am now reflecting on how I can practice viewing all yogis that come to classes I teach with such generosity. The videos and scripts you provided are very helpful, though I’ll needed many more weeks, months, and maybe even years to fluidly incorporate all the wisdom you shared. Most specifically, prior to this course I’d been struggling to communicate external rotation in the upper arm; I only had one “tool” in my “toolbox,” so seeing the plethora of options in the final segment of videos was very helpful. My favorite components were the videos that covered the most fundamental postures – down dog, mountain pose, savasana, etc. These postures are the foundation of many yoga classes, and it felt so valuable to focus in on them in a meaningful way; I felt I could’ve walked away after just those videos with plenty to mull over and use for many classes to come. I would absolutely recommend this program to folks who don’t have access to a reputable in-person course on assists/adjustments. There are so many reasons why folks (including myself!) can’t make that happen – geographic/time/financial accessibility being the most relevant. For a virtual course, this was amazingly well-rounded; I loved the combination of phone recordings, videos, and Facebook communication. I also really loved the full classes you provided – they were really helpful in my own process of integrating the concepts you covered in the video clips. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience with us! I’m so grateful for your generosity, including allowing me to take the course for a reduced fee. The videos were engaging and very clear, and the phone conversations informative and clarifying. I will certainly refer back to this material for years to come!

Leigh Sugar

I took this course because I needed to deepen my understanding on many levels and feel that with the benefit of this course that is happening. I like videos because I can pause and/or rewind. I can watch and listen again if I need to clarify something. I can use all of this course as a resource over time. There is great value in that. I am going deeper into body mechanics in ways I’m not sure how to describe. I have a deeper appreciation for the structure of the body. Somehow this translates to a more profound respect for the bodies of my students. Understanding there is no cookie cutter way for yoga to occur, which I knew for myself, and it is good to hear. Enjoying the way you speak of accepting that bodies show up differently and we don’t all have to look the same in our asanas has been very helpful. Looking with Eyes of Love! Somehow, throughout all these many years of practice, the emphasis has been on looking a certain way. Perhaps it’s the media, perhaps it’s been some of the teachers I’ve had in the past, perhaps it’s just been my own perception. I’m glad to let that go. I understand the importance of proper alignment in the body, but it takes time, and for many, unwinding years of misaligned facia and muscles. Accepting what is true in the body right now and working with that is a gift. Practice and all will come….

Laura Reneau