Somatic Movement Training for Yoga Teachers

Learn to teach somatics. Help your students relieve pain patterns in their bodies, calm deregulated nervous systems, build neuroplasticity, and increase their interoceptive awareness.

15 hours Yoga Alliance CE.

Course Dates: April 22-May 10, 2024

Live Zooms + Prerecorded Content.

Live Zoom Meetings: Mondays 4:00pm-5:30pm Pacific -OR- Thursdays 9:30am-11:00am Pacific

Recordings are available if you can't make the call time.

Somatic movements are a neuromuscular reeducation inspired through the work of Thomas Hannah.

Re-wire Your Brain to Release Chronic Pain

Learn slow, accessible, and precise movement patterns that use your brain to gain conscious control of your muscles to relieve chronic pain, heal injuries, down-regulate the nervous system, increase range of motion, and foster internal awareness.

15 Hrs of Yoga Alliance CE

This course is for Yoga teachers (and ALL students of yoga) who wish to skillfully incorporate somatic movements into their classes/routines, teach or practice full-length somatic movement classes or use the somatics therapeutically in working with private clients.

Trauma Sensitive Approach

Somatic movements are a particularly helpful mind-body approach to healing from chronic stress and post-traumatic stress. You will learn tools to stimulate the vagus nerve and increase parasympathetic activity to counter the fight, flight, freeze response.

What's Covered

  • Health benefits and current scientific research

  • Online practice library that includes full-length somatics classes and videos of each exercise individually with cue sheets for practice.

  • Therapeutic adaptations and sequences to relieve specific musculoskeletal issues including back pain, shoulder issues, chronic neck tension, hip & knee issues, scoliosis and trauma.

  • Neuroception, Interoception, Exteroception, and Proprioception

  • Anatomy of trauma and how to unwind traumatic relfex patterns in the body.

  • Sensory motor amnesia and technique of pandiculation

  • Anatomy, biomechanics, & addressing common musculoskeletal issues
  • Exploration of the somatics applications for unwinding imbalanced patterns along the myofascial lines of the body
  • Skill development for teaching including; how to cue, voice tone, and rhythm for quality delivery

  • Practice principles and guidelines
  • Practice teach opportunities
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"Liz is not only a fantastic teacher but a wonderful human being! Every time I take a class with her, I am touched by her generosity of spirit and her undeniable passion for all things yoga. It's very inspiring! It's also been a huge confidence booster to think that I now have the skills and knowledge to provide such a profoundly healing practice for others! "

Camila Castro

"Liz has a lovely calm manner of both teaching and practicing. Her approach with a combination of theory and practice was a great way of learning. The section on brain waves and brain patterns was fascinating. I feel a lot of the power yoga can be explained by neuroscience and it is beneficial as a teacher to have the science to back up what you are teaching."

Vivienne Lillis

"Liz, made this course so compelling even in a virtual format. Thank you, Liz!!! I am so thankful to have access to all that we've learned so I can revisit and continue working on my practice skills."

Megan Brown

"I absolutely loved this course and all the wisdom and personal / professional experience that Liz was sharing, her wonderful meditations and somatic exercises. I am impressed by Liz' wisdom and her professionalism and love her presence and kindness. This was a wonderful mixture of learning & practicing. "

Sabine Lindemann

"I truly loved everything about this course, especially the somatic practices. The way the information unfolded holistically has been so fulfilling! I’ve been so isolated this past year, it was a delight to be able to share with a group, even if it wasn’t in person! The lectures were full of well presented information; the slides and handouts built on what was presented, and the resources and reading lists have also been very helpful. I love Liz’s gentle voice and the delightful use of words."

Tricia Shepard

5.0 Star Ratings and Reviews on Facebook

Current scientific research is showing that increased ability to interocept correlates to decreased levels chronic pain, increased resilience, and lower stress levels. Somatics builds this body-mind sensory perception enabling us to become awake to the felt sense wisdom of the body so our innate learning & healing potential may be supported.

Interactive Online Learning & Lifetime Access

Join us for life-changing, exciting, and accessible content with affordable, flexible, and self-paced delivery.

Content will be delivered to you in clear, concise and practical lessons. The course will include video, slides, lectures, prerecorded practices, and homework actionable items for the direct application of the techniques into your classes.

While the course is designed as a four-week course with approximately 3-4 hours of content/practice each week, it is also self-paced so you can take as long as you like to view and practice the material. 

You will have a lifetime of access to the material so you can re-learn and deepen your understanding and application of the principles again and again.

Live Zoom Calls & Uplifting Community

Our weekly LIVE calls and interactive online community provides wonderful opportunities to discuss, ask questions, support and be supported in a vibrant community of learners. 

Getting to know like minded yogis just like you keeps you motivated, engaged and connected.

If you are unable to make the live zooms you may watch the recordings.  

15 Hours of Study & Practice

Study with Liz Heffernan C-IAYT Yoga Therapists, E-RYT 500 and Senior Teacher

Liz Heffernan, MA, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT is a gifted international yoga teacher, a certified Yoga Therapist and long-term practitioner. She combines her in-depth knowledge of anatomy and bio-mechanically safe alignment principles with insights and practical wisdom gained from over 24 years of yoga teaching & immersive study.

She is the Founder and Director of Soma Yoga Institute, a world-wide and ONLINE yoga teacher training school that embraces a therapeutically-oriented, heart-centered approach. These programs, heralded by many as truly inspirational, combine modern day biomechanics and research driven science with ancient teachings and serve to teach adaptive Yoga for all BODIES as a practice for vibrant health, self-transformation and personal empowerment.

In her work as a yoga therapist, Liz specializes in helping seniors age gracefully and is highly skilled in adapting practices to meet the complex health challenges associated with aging. In collaborative partnership with Yoga 4 Brain Health she has co-founded the Memory Maintenance Yoga Teacher Training program that certifies Yoga teachers to help their communities delay the onset of memory loss related diseases through Yoga. Liz also serves as a faculty-mentor for the Kripalu School of Integrative Yoga Therapy supporting professionals on their journey to become yoga therapists.

Liz believes that the path of Yoga brings greater ease, not just to the individual, but to all beings everywhere, and ultimately uplifts planetary consciousness one conscious breath at a time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yoga Alliance teachers are required to complete at least 30 hours of continuing education every three years to remain active. This online program counts as 15 Continuing Education (CE) units with Yoga Alliance. 

No, not at all.  Interested students as well as teachers are invited to participate. You will benefit greatly from learning somatic techniques for your own personal transformation, health and healing. If you are currently teaching yoga, you will be able to expand your offering to include somatics in the warm-ups and cool-down sections of your active classes, add somatic sections to your restorative classes, teach therapeutic-focused somatic practices, and teach somatics prior to deep relaxations.

Join the date/call time that works best for you.

Live Zoom Calls

Live Zoom Meetings: Mondays 4:00pm-5:30pm Pacific -OR- Thursdays 9:30am-11:00am Pacific

Dates: April 22-May 10, 2024

Recordings Available.

If you can't make this time work for your schedule, you will be provided a recording to watch anytime.  

The course is structured so you may move through the material and assignments at your own pace. Expect to spend about 15 hours of your time reviewing the material, interacting on group calls and completing the assignments.

Next Online Program - two options:

Live Zoom Calls

Mondays 4:00pm-5:30pm Pacific -OR- Thursdays 9:30am-11:00am Pacific from April 22-May 10, 2024

To locate the time in your time zone, here is an easy to use tool:

Recordings of live calls will be provided if you are unable to make the time.

Yes, we have a final quiz for students who wish to receive continuing education credits. However it is nothing to worry about and retakes are allowed.

Yes, definitely. Graduates of this program will be able to sequence 1 hour somatics class, add somatics to the beginning or end of their flow classes, and/or adapt the techniques to help with specific issues on an individual basis.   

Our program is $297 Early Bird/$347 Regular.  

We are so certain that you will love this training that we are offering you a two-week risk-free guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the material after the first two weeks of the course, we will refund 100% of your money - just email us by 14 days after the start of the program and complete an exit interview so we can learn how to improve our educational programs for the future. After this 14-day window no refunds are granted.

Spaces are limited. To reserve your place, please register HERE. 

Once we receive your registration, we will send you a welcome letter with everything you need to prepare. We can’t wait to meet you!

We would love to connect to you.  Please feel free to email us at [email protected], text us at 808-333-9591 to set up a phone appointment, make an appointment by clicking here or join one of our live Q & A calls via zoom.  Just email us for the schedule of the next live zoom chats.


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