Teaching Accessible Chair Yoga with Sundari Lucey, E-RYT 500

September 12-October 10, 2023

Live Zoom Meetings: Tuesdays 9:30am-10:30am Pacific (that's 5:30pm-6:30pm in London)

Everything is recorded if you can't make the time.

10 hours of Yoga Alliance CE


Teaching Accessible Chair Yoga

Join Sundari in this course that will deepen your love and broaden your narrative in the aspects of teaching and practicing yoga with a chair. Asanas are unique as they work holistically in one’s own physique, peace of mind and or self-realization. 

Postures in the practice of yoga help us reach a higher state of health and well-being. The use of a chair or any other yoga prop facilitates this according to our body’s structure and ability. The chair prop can give us feedback to improve our postural alignment awakening our intelligence in each practice. Our use of the chair can minimize the activity of the mind by allowing time to integrate the posture from the inside out as well as experiencing the ease and steadiness of the form. 

Trainees will not only advance their own experience/postures on a chair but will increase their skill set in teaching all people, all walks of life & the value of connection, integration, energy flow and effortless effort. 

Teachers as well as students are welcome to attend this course! 

Whats Included?

  • Five (5) live one-hour zoom calls¬†on Tuesdays at 9:30am-10:30am PST (that's 5:30pm-6:30pm in London or 12:30pm-1:30pm in New York).
  • Five 55 min. chair classes recorded for practice, assessment, and Q & A¬†
  • Short homework assignment to experiment & experience the teachings and the essence of chair yoga¬†
  • 10 accredited hours of Yoga Alliance Continuing Education¬†¬†

What You Will Learn

  • Sitting In Presence - Your natural state of being¬†
  • Structural & Precise Anatomical Alignment - Setting the foundation and opening into the space of yoga¬†
  • Enhancing not Disabling - Teaching To The Level Of Your Class by seeing & understanding the needs of your students¬†
  • How to teach and use the Chair in Standing, Seated, Balancing, Forward Bending, Lateral, Twist & Spinal Extension Poses¬†
  • The chair as a tool to increase ‚Äúactive engagement‚ÄĚ in the pose. Sequencing a chair yoga class by weaving in the 5 elements¬†
  • How to modify and structure a class for special needs such as limited mobility in Seniors, post-surgery and wheel-chair students.¬†

Cost: $297 USD

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About Sundari Lucey

E-RYT 500, Certified Anusara YT, Certified Neuromuscular Massage Therapist LMT

Sundari’s allegiance to this powerful transformative practice is though her own inner teacher and infinite presence which guides the flow of energy into form creating conscious expression and experience. 

She began teaching yoga under the tutelage of Ramanand Patel in 1987 in Saratoga, CA after completing a 2-year program at The Iyengar Yoga Institute in SF.¬† Sundari has had the privilege of studying with numerous renowned teachers in her early years of training as well as completing a 17-year circuit with Anusara Yoga where she traveled abroad and the US conducting Immersions and Teacher Trainings for certification to many extraordinary students.¬† Together with Brown Earth ‚ĄĘ she developed a YouTube channel along with a DVD called ‚ÄúA dose of Yoga with Sundari.‚Ä̬† In her yoga career Sundari owned and operated 3 yoga studios up until 2020 giving people from all walks of life a place to gather, share and study the art of Yoga.¬† She specializes in advanced therapeutic health and the art of deep listening in yoga and meditation. ¬†

Yoga experienced with Sundari connects you to the source of your own radiance, that vibration which reflects your own divinity.  Her gift to this life-style of yoga is sensitivity, humor and expertise.  With 40 years of study and practice of yoga, Sundari’s instruction is open-hearted and deeply informative holding the highest intention for each student to reveal their own inner light, presence and essential Self. 

Tara Caffrey

Sundari is a master teacher, with decades of experience, so it was very validating to hear her speak about working with the chair and students.

Eileen Caffrey

Sundari's dedication and commitment to the class was wonderful. She was so measured, methodical, clear, organized, focused. She was loving, compassionate, and understanding. Her offering was deeply impactful. She is also just a great teacher--she seems like this is all natural and effortless. A true mark of her expertise.

Marcie Storch

Sundari brings a wealth of information about effective ways to teach chair yoga. She shares her cues, her experience and her heart so that we can become better teachers. She's awesome.

Webinar Replay: Aging Gracefully with Sundari Lucey, E-RYT 500

Join Sundari for an insightful discussion on practicing yoga in your senior years. This includes a chair yoga class. Beneficial for both students and teachers of yoga.  Enjoy.

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Cost: $297 USD

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